Clash of Clans Hack

What is Clash of Clans?

It is simply a hit army strategy game that lets you walk your clan to victory. The game is not only exciting but comes in an epic setting that allows you create your own village, train your troops and eventually go out for battle with other players online.

Clash of Clans positions the players against artificial-intelligence characters and real-life opponents as well. The multiplayer mode incorporated in the game is perhaps the reason why it stands out. With this feature, players can attack the villages of other players as they defend their own but no direct communication exists as the attacks occur.

In CoC, resources are of great essence. Using in-game cash, you are able to require resources such as shelter, cannons and decorations. You gain in-game cash by attacking other camps and the money you get after every attack is used to acquire more resources.

How good is the game?

Clash of Clans cheats sur strictly adheres to the strategy formula using just enough refinements to recapture the genreā€™s addictive essentials. Players are provided with just enough resources to kick on the game but if they are to build a powerhouse, they will have to rely on in-app purchases or be really lucky in their battles.

Clash of Clans edelstenen hacken

The Clash of Clans hack places players on a well-known treadmill, building a base and attacking others, but the introduction of the multi-player element and the ability to make out exactly how your defenses were conquered allows you improve on your mistakes.

You do not always have to play against another player. The game also allows for strong solo campaigns. Note that the battles take place independent of the game play that you are able to see.

It also reassuring to learn that after an attack and your village is destroyed, all main buildings remain intact from your perspective but you will be required to rearm traps.

What else should you know about Clash of Clans?

Bezoek voor de gratis Clash of Clans cheats. Clash of Clans requires that all players be at least 13 years of age. The game features frequent battle explosions and cries of defeated soldiers but has no any form of graphic violence.

It is nonetheless recommended that teenagers of 13 to 17 years have a guardian agree to all the terms of the game. Playing the game is also quite easy and within a short while you will be in full control.

Kids can adopt a number of skills from the game too. They learn how to strategize and improve on their mistakes. Success in the game is not achieved just by having the most troops but players need to deploy the troops wisely and as thus kids learn how to critically and smartly strategize themselves.


Clash of Clans may not offer much in terms of learning but to a large extent influences how players deal with their failures and the effort they put in to improve. The game is available for free with optional in-app purchases and is compatible with a number of devices using either the iOS or android platforms.